Zeberced Group has started this enormous project to provide more appropriate and exceptional area for gathering diversesectors from all over the world to Nigeria. To endorse sustainable growth of Nigeria, Abuja Industrial Park will carry animportant industrial vision that will assist to focus on increasing domestic production. So, more than 40.000 estimatednumbers of local people will be employed by the end of industrial park project. With 177 parcels area, the Park will bring afresh and modern industrial culture and a great value to Abuja and Nigeria as well.

Please find below the ABUJA INDUSTRIAL PARK Project parcelling and road, infrastructure line and the distribution details. The distribution of industrial parcels


It is planned that ABUJA INDUSTRIAL PARK will host 177 factories, the city of Abuja will become a production center. In additionto these, new support services will be launched, numerous small-to medium- sized, workshops and new workplaces tosupply the needs of these factories will be opened. It is planned that the factories to be opened, in addition to these factories,the technical schools will be established to educate yearly hundreds of unskilled workers to be skilful productive.


With the products to be produced at ABUJA INDUSTRIAL PARK, the number of the products stamped with ‘Made in Nigeria’ will increase, thus boosting the national pride, and saving vital foreign exchange with resultant improvement of the economy.


It is planned that the factories to be opened at ABUJA INDUSTRIAL PARK will employ almost 40,000 employees. The project will make a significant contribution to employment and the trained workforce in the region. ABUJA INDUSTRIAL PARK will also create a considerable amount of indirect employments in the region of hundreds of thousand jobs.