Zeberced Group has two concrete plants; one in Kubwa, andthe other in Katampe.

These plants have a total of 240 m3/h production capacity.There are 25 mixers and 5 pumps that are 36, 45, and 51meters long at the facilities to deliver products to the customers.It uses the stone dust, stone chips and granite that are produced inits own quarry, thus maintaining and enhancing the concrete qualitystandards.

We have produced Class C60 concrete in the laboratory and ClassC50 concrete to our customer.



Laboratory Test- Quality

Quality standard is very important for ready-mixed concrete. Zeberced preserves its quality standard by constantly collecting samples from the concrete it produces for sustainable quality. We do these in collaboration with suppliers (of cement and chemical additives.).

Furthermore, concrete quality can be measured by collecting samples from existing buildings by core sampling.




Importance of Ready Mixed Concrete

Currently, manually mixed concrete is widely used in Nigeria in concrete casting works. This affects bothsoundness and life of buildings to a significant extent. Zeberced aims to bring the quality of the buildings tointernational standards by extending the use of ready-mixed concrete. Ready-mixed concrete has numerousadvantages compared with manually mixed concrete, some of which are as follows:

The advantages of ready-mixed concrete can be summarized as follows:

- As it can be produced in a short time and in large amounts, it saves labour and time compared to manual casting.

- Production made with computer control at a ready-mixed concrete plant instead of production made manually orwith eyeball estimation keeps resistance of concrete under control.

- Thanks to its high supporting strength, ready-mixed concrete decreases column and beam sections, increases beamopenings, and helps creating earthquake-resistant and safe structures by decreasing the fixed load of the building.

- More economic solutions may be reached for building designs with highly resistant types of ready-mixed concrete.

- It enables fast work in big projects.