Heeding Calls by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for Foreign Direct Investments, the Zeberced Group in 2007 has decided to invest in Nigeria in the fields of mining and construction.With our experiences gained over the years in Quarry business in Turkey, we built
our first Concrete and Asphalt Plants. In 2011 Zeberced Furniture was founded with a wide range of products from domestic and office to kitchen furniture; in addition to door production. Interior architecture, decoration and renovation services.

Designed and developed by Zeberced in accordance with the economy and industrial needs of Nigeria, The Abuja Industrial Park will provide employment of a minimum 40000 people with 177 parcels in an area of 245 hectares of Land as well as social and technical facilities to be
established in the first Industrial Park Project.

In the construction sector, Zeberced Group started the construction of the embassy of the Federal Republic of Turkey and the ambassador’s Residence in 2011.These two important projects were not only delivered on schedule in April 2013 but had a touch of the Zeberced Group class and quality. The Katampe Private Estate Project which is consists of 42 villas and 285 flats and is planned to be completed in 2015.This project will carry the insignia of Zeberced quality and class.