Zeberced Construction

Zeberced Construction has been established within the body of Zeberced Group in 2011, in contemplation of carrying out the housing investments located on 5 hectar land in Katampe/Abuja, owned by Zeberced Limited.

It is a mixed project consisting of villas and apartments. It aims to create a comfortable and high quality life with its security system and landscape.

Turkish Embassy

In year 2011, the Company had made a contract for building up the Turkish Embassy Building and completed the construction works in a short period within 2.5 years of time.


In 2017, Zeberced Construction has signed a construction contract for Educational Campus in Kontagora/Niger, owned by Sani Bello Foundation.

In this context, a mobile concrete plant was established within the campus. Construction works had initiated with the ICT Building, and the structure was completed and delivered to the employer in a short span of time.

Nowadays, Zeberced Construction, continues the construction work of 1 dormitory building and 1 classroom building within the Educational Campus located in Kontagora. Around a number of 70 personnel are provided with employment in this worksite.