Abuja Industrial Park

Abuja Industrial Park

Between 2011-2013, for the acquisition of “Investment Purposed” terrains, government application had been conducted. Abuja Industrial Park project, the former largest ever project of the company history had started simultaneously with the land allocation, parcel assignation, road and infrastructure works.

Covering a total area of 2.440.000 m2 with 184 industrial plots

ABUJA INDUSTRIAL PARK (AIP) is looking forward to welcome investors, while representing an important opportunity for worldwide companies to make industrial production for Nigeria, and from Nigeria to the near region Covering a total area of 2.440.000 m2 with 184 industrial plots, AIP not only presents an important opportunity for industrial production in Nigeria to local, regional and global companies; but it also represents a potential growth in the market share in Central and West Africa.

AIP has the capability to host both heavy industries and light industries on properly shaped and small-to-medium sized industrial parcels with high quality infrastructure. Should a need for a bigger parcel arise for heavvy industry, the zoning plan of AIP can easily be revised accordingly by merging smaller parcels together to form a big plot.


Abuja Industrial Park Specifications

Independent Power Generation Plant

Electricity Distribution System

Natural Gas (LNG) Supply System

Fair Area


Clean Water Storage System

Utility Services

Storm Water Collection and Drainage System

Electricity Connection to National Grid

Truck Park

Waste Water Collection System

Clean Water Supply / Distribution System

Occupational Education Center

Solid Waste Storage, Recycling and Disposal Plant

Waste Water Treatment System

Hotel , Restaurant & Financial Center

Abuja Industrial Park

investment of Abuja Industrial Park had been initiated on a 245 hectares land which was allocated to
the company in status of “Investment Land”.

Subsidiary Industrial Area

1st phase consists of a total of 60 workshops size from 240 to 350 m2